Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Shoot!...Recent Pubs

Totally forgot to mention my recent publications.

My poems are up on TORCH.

I also reviewed Tara Betts "Arc & Hue" in the most recent Meridian.


bethany said...

congrats, Jonterri! And, best of luck with your Cave Canem submission.

Jessie Carty said...

Congrats! I lied both poems in Torch but especially Circles :)

Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

Wow, this is wonderful stuff. I am happy to have found your blog. I am not a poet at all, but I like to read it.

Heman brings me back to my childhood, I had a smile on my face. Very poetic.


Kerry Headley said...

Love both poems in TORCH, Jonterri. Have a great second semester! And thanks for the good juju.

JayTee said...

Thanks all!