Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Semester + Cave Canem Submission

I hope the third time is the charm because I just submitted my poems for the Cave Canem retreat...again. Again, again that is. We'll see.

A new semester started. We workshop at Rita Dove's house every Monday. We also have the option of weekly one-on-one's with her. I love the one-on-one thing. I had one with her last week and it went really well. She gave me some reading recommendations and some good suggestions are overcoming some of the worries that stifle my writing at times. Good stuff.
I hate the snow. Every time it snows here we have to get like 10 inches. So I'm supposed to be shoveling my car out right now and I'm just not up for that right now lol. I'm not really feeling Charlottesville as far as cultural activities go either. So I'm really looking to move close to family when my program is over. Or if something with TV writing can work out, I'd love to be in Southern California. Can't believe I just said that out loud.

That's what's up with me.


Emily said...

Good luck with the Cave Canem submission! I'm sure that would be an awesome experience for you!

Raina said...

Good luck! This is the 4th time I applied. I wasn't going to apply again, but I'm glad I did.

Vizionheiry said...

@jay - Third time's the charm. Don't give up. & The fact that you have one on one's with Ms. Rita Dove herself... umm - yeah I'm jealous. Maybe I will puruse this MFA thang!


Congrats! I applied once in the beginning - turn down.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

How did the Cave Canem thing go? Three times. I wonder what they are looking for exactly...