Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cool stuff

I have a poem in the new journal, Assisi.

Also, I got my first solicitation last week! A new journal emailed me and referred to my piece in Conte (sidebar) because they are looking for long poems (over 60 lines). That poem was like 90 something lines. Luckily they also want poems that are 7 lines or less because that's been more my speed these days lol. But I thought that was cool. So while I haven't been published in any place that is too well-known yet, it's nice to know my poems still get read by people who care about poetry enough to have a journal of their own. :)


margosita said...

Awesome! Congrats- you deserve it!

Jessie Carty said...

i know which journal that is! they have a great website :) i, sadly, don't have anything right now to fit!

going over to read your poem.

the first time you get one of the big GETS it is awesome. not that i've had many.

Raina said...

Ooooh nice!