Sunday, August 2, 2009

The MFA Chronicles & Diverse Voices Quarterly

I must be very excited about because I'm actually taking the time now to post on my own blog!

The MFA Chronicles is a collaborative blog by writers (poetry, fiction, nonfiction) who are entering Creative Writing MFA programs in the Fall 2009 (which is basically now!)

I mentioned to someone awhile ago that I feel like all the people I went through MFA application season with on blogs and forums are like my old buddies from the war so it was great to be reunited with them on Twitter and now on The MFA Chronicles.

Also, Diverse Voices Quarterly came out! They combined their first and second issues so there's a lot of material there. My "Ode to a Microphone" is on page 50.

Ooooh, I can talk about my fear of sharing here. I've been really nervous about sharing this poem. Mostly because I've always hated the second stanza! lol And I'm afraid if I share one poem that people will look at it and think that this poem represents all that I am and all that I write. It's stupid. I know this. But I'm about sharing authentic feelings with you right now, alright? :)

So I'm also scared of sharing the piece that is scheduled to be up on Assisi in October. This is terrible! I am the one submitting things for publication, I choose which poems to submit, I know the personal nature of some of my pieces, so who am I to freak out when someone actually decides to publish them?! I'm human. That's who I am and exposure is scary. But that's part of the reason why I write--so that my scary parts can connect with your scary parts.

Man, I'm glad I finally remembered I have a personal blog so I can get this stuff out. Everytime I've had a conversation or gotten any feedback on the DVQ piece I've wanted to say these things. But who wants to be emotionally dumped upon when all they wanted to say was, "nice poem"?

*dump complete*

Carrying on...


Anonymous said...

great news! i blogrolled(ed) you. reading the quarterly now!

JayTee said...

Thank you, sir!