Friday, August 7, 2009

Writing Goals

I just did a post on my MFA Goals on The MFA Chronicles. Three happy little goals. :)
*insert lightning strikes, sinister laughter, and doom in general here*

I'm keeping a list in my google docs of major, life-changing, career-creating goals and when I need to apply to them. These are for poetry and tv/screenwriting. View my neuroticism here:

Write the best poems- always
Publish a full length poetry collection- however long it takes
Earn MFA- Spring 2011
Secure fellowship/job for- Summer/Fall 2011

Creative Writing
Apply for Axton Fellowship (University of Louisville) - Fall 2010 for Fall 2011
Apply for Stegner- September 2010 to start August 2011
Apply for Exeter Fellowship- December 2010 for September 2011
Apply for Southern Review Resident Scholar- December 2010 for August 2011
Apply for Gaius Charles Bolin Fellowship- December 2010 for Fall 2011
Apply for Emory Creative Writing Fellowship- by Feb. 2011 to start Fall 2011
Apply for Hodder Fellowship (Princeton)- November 2011 to start February 2012

Apply for Nickelodeon Fellowship- Jan/Feb 2011 to start Oct 2011
complete TV spec script by Jan/Feb 2011
Apply for Nicholls Fellowship- by May 2011 to start Jan 2012
Apply for Disney Fellowship- July 2011 to start Jan 2012
complete TV spec script by July 2011

I submit indeed.

Welcome to my mind. In real life, I am notoriously unorganized. But for things I am passionate about, I start planning 2 years in advance. A few of those fellowships will probably fall off of the list. I don't think I'd want to move for only 1 year. I took off the pre-medical school plans I was considering. I realized that it was only fear motivating me to do something other than write, so there's no med school in my future.

I wish I was passionate about at least one thing that did not have a less than 1% chance of actually happening.


Denis said...

Crazy! You've got it all figured out, haha :)

JayTee said...

yeah, i've discarded the escape plan and I'm just gonna go for it.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

have you thought of the olive b. o'connor fellowship at colgate university?

it's about $34, 000 grand. you get travel expenses paid and health insurance. you teach one workshop a semester. the rest of the time you send writing, living etc.

and there's no application fee.

if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me. i was the o'connor fellow in 2007/ 08. i had a great time.

JayTee said...

Thanks for the info on the Colgate fellowship, Eduardo!

Emily said...

I am impressed at your organization!

Luke said...

Along with the Colgate fellowship, a few more to consider: the Wisconsin Fellowships, Gettysburg Emerging Lecturer, Stadler Center at Bucknell, and FAWC at Provincetown fellowship.

I'm sure you probably know about most of these, but I figure I learned from your list (I hadn't heard of the Axton Fellowships) so I might as well share mine. Even if the odds are low, the opportunities are so killer that it'd be silly not to try. Though, I do think the Hodder fellowship at Princeton is geared more toward folks who already have a book or two under their belt. Hope you're enjoying Charlottesville!

MonicaJBrown said...

"I wish I was passionate about at least one thing that did not have a less than 1% chance of actually happening. " lol!

You made it into UVA, didn't you? Never forget it! :-)