Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Indiana bound

So I've accepted at Indiana, that's where I'm headed. I'm so through with the notification process, it's not even funny lol.

So I applied to 16 schools which means I got rejected by A LOT of schools and rejections suck lol.

With only 3 schools left to hear from (NYU, UVA, Arizona State) I have been rejected by 7 schools. I have been accepted to 5 schools and waitlisted at 1. I was accepted to only 1 of the schools in my top 5 and that is the one I am going to. It was my #2 and I am happy.

I can't wait to write more so I can submit more and keep things going from here.

Yes, I feel as flat as this post. I'm ready to move forward.


Bsquared86 said...

Wow, congratulations on making a decision! I'm about ready to rule out the schools that I'm waiting on too. I just want to make a decision already . . . the excitement is wearing off, lol.

unsaid said...

Thanks bsquared! That's what really sucked...when the excitement wore off and rejections kept coming LOL. I wish you the best in making your decision!

bethany said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm so thrilled that we'll both be at Indiana this fall! I'm going to be transferring from U of Arkansas. When are you planning to move? Feel free to email me at sonata7 (at) gmail (dot) com. Three cheers for Hoosier-land!

Luke said...

Congrats on deciding! Best of luck in the Hoosier state! Exclamation points!