Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Strangest Sadness

So here's where I stand:


Southern Illinois


Virginia Tech


Boise State


(the big boys have no love for me lol)

I was denied a grad scholars fellowship at Indiana by the grad school (and I'm really, surprisingly down about it) so I'll get the regular tuition remission plus stipend if I go. Their stipend is equal to that of Virginia Tech whose poetry faculty seem warm and welcoming. Actually, Virginia Tech caught me totally off guard with how great they seem. There's less teaching responsibility at VT and you still get to teach creative I don't know. I say all this when I haven't been offered a spot at VT. I'm just hopeful after the interview. I ordered a copy of the new MFA handbook so maybe it will provide some insights on the programs should the choice have to be made.

I'm expecting rejections soon from: Cornell, Vanderbilt

I've still got hope for: NYU, UVA, FSU, University of Florida, Georgia State, Arizona State (though only NYU and UVA acceptances would make me think twice about Indiana)

Blah...I'm tired of talking about myself and this stuff lol.

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