Thursday, March 26, 2009


MY (and I mean to capitalize "my" in that ultra-possessive, I'm so glad to have encountered this person's light in my life sort of way)...MY poetry professor's new book is out and I just posted a review of it on because I loved the book. It made me laugh, freakin' cry on an airplane, and it kinda became one of my newest and closest friends. I don't know about anyone else, but tears are my criteria for a Pulitzer Prize. Besides that, I genuinely love Denise Duhamel and I love Ka-Ching!. Buy it!!

I wish I could do so much more after all that she's done to help move me forward (16 letters of recommendation being only one of those things). She's, seriously...everywhere. I often browse blogs and I happen to run across someone interviewing her or just generally spewing Duhamel love (as I often do in real life lol). I've even been blog browsing and someone posts up interviews with her from years ago. That's because that light of hers I mentioned is real. That's the best way to describe her and I've heard others describe her the same way. All of that light is present in her newest collection, Ka-Ching! by the way.

In fact, I bought this other book Structure & Surprise: Engaging Poetic Turns, and I was reading it, enjoying it and of course, she's got a poem and an essay in there too! She's everywhere lol.

People ask, "Can poetry matter?" Psssssshhhhhhh..obviously, it does matter to MY professor lol.

Alright enough. I do sincerely love her and I am actually in her Facebook fan club but even if I wasn't I'd still recommend this collection. She opened my eyes to the possibilities of what poems can do; I'd hate for anyone to miss out.

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