Friday, February 18, 2011


There's no mystery. I'm waiting to see if any of the post-MFA fellowships will come through for me. My kind of waiting means that I search the internet daily to see if anyone has posted any new info. I do not recommend this method of waiting. It's not healthy.

Right now, Fall 2011 going forward is a question mark for me; an exciting question mark, because no matter what, something will happen. It's just a matter of what.

I got my first "no" for my first teaching job application. I can't believe I was even qualified to apply and be taken seriously. lol

Summer fell into place nicely. This summer I'll be the Creative Writing Instructor for Duke's Talent Identification Program at Texas A&M. I'll be teaching poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction to academically gifted 8-10th graders. Basically, they'll be taught at an undergraduate level. This should be tons of fun. Intense, for all of us, but tons of fun.

On the submissions front, the deadline for the first first book contest I want to enter is April 30th. My thesis is my manuscript. A good (no, great) friend just volunteered to give it her golden review prior to the contest, which means I've got to have it ready for her by March 1. So when I'm not tweeting or posting or reading student poems or reading essays on poetic form, I'll be working on getting my thesis into 1st book form. That's another whole level of submitting to the life of a poet. But I'm ready for it!

Positive vibes to your pieces in the piles!

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Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

Your summer adventure sounds exciting! Can't wait to hear about your experiences there.

Sending positive vibes your way for good news on the acceptance front. :)

Smile, Andrea