Sunday, January 23, 2011

Acceptance: Vinyl Poetry

This was a kind of interesting process toward acceptance. Vinyl Poetry has pretty innovative submissions guidelines. Instead of sending them a submission packet of new work, they ask that you send links to some of your online work. Then they review your published work and decide if they'd like you to submit unpublished work. That's pretty cool for a lot of reasons. I bet it makes things easier for them as far as not having a huge slush pile built up.

So they ended up requesting that I send 6-8 poems so they could decide which poems might be the best fit. I did that and then my lucky streak hit and only 1 of the poems was left available. So I emailed the editor to notify her and sent along a new poem that I had written that I hadn't sent out yet. She liked the new poem but had questions about a part of it, which was extremely helpful because I hadn't shown the poem to anyone else so I didn't recognize that it was confusing. I fixed it and she took the poem!

Katherine, the editor, is a great example of what an editor can do for a poem. I'm so glad she worked with me instead of rejecting the poem outright.

I recommend sending along some links to Vinyl. I found them because a few Cave Canem fellows were in Volume 2 and the work they posted up was AMAZING!! So yeah...go read Vinyl.

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Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

I'm going to read Vinyl! And I'm looking forward to reading your poems in there!! :)