Thursday, February 5, 2009

Acceptance: I'm in at Indiana!

So the universe responded to my whining about Indiana and I got a call today. I'm in for the joint mfa/ma in African American and African Diaspora Studies. Very excited and shocked.


M. said...

Congrats again!! You must be a great poet. When all this application hoopla is over with we should read some of each others' work.

Any news on a TA yet?

Indiana is your number one pick, right? Incredible. You get to write poems for two years, and no one can make you focus on anything else if you don't wanna. What a great thing! The MFA / MA split track sounds cool, too. I love taking literature and cultural studies/ criticism classes.

And... I'm beginning to think your blog has some sort of mystical powers over MFA notifications. Do me a favor: if I haven't posted an "I'm In" message when the first Cornell, Iowa, UNCG, and Oregon acceptances go out, write a blog post about those schools making calls! Haha. Seriously, though. It's like magic. :)

unsaid said...

Thanks M.!