Saturday, January 31, 2009

A poet got called from Indiana!

UGH...I saw someone post that they'd been called this morning and I immediately went and got my cell phone (which will again be glued to my side). So I had a voice mail on there and it was from a number I didn't recognize. The stupid voicemail was like someone called me on accident lol. It was a bunch of background noise, like in a mall or something. So I looked up the area code and it was from New Jersey. I didn't apply to any school in Jersey so there's no need for alarm. Only disgust, there is room for disgust with that voice mail.

I'm alright though. What will be will be regardless. Indiana is very high on my list though. Like #2. It's above even Iowa. It is my Iowa. Cornell is Cornell and Indiana is my Iowa. lol Now I sound crazy.


M. said...

That's how I feel about UNCG, it's my #2, so I understand what you're going through!

It gets better, and hey, nothing's a done deal yet! (Except that you're in at Alabama, and were one of the first notified!)

Indiana probably still has calls to make, too.

unsaid said...

You are so right. Last year Indiana called someone in January and then I don't think the next acceptances came until like late Feb/early March or something.

UNCG seems pretty unique in their selection process. Hopefully, word will come through soon.

I can't believe tomorrow is February 1! January just flew by!