Wednesday, January 21, 2009

UGH- Alabama called someone!

Alright, so someone reported that they got a call for poetry from Alabama today. That's one of my schools! I received no such call. lol I'm actually alright. I've decided that this person is a Wunderkind whose sample shined so brightly they got called waaaaay early. lol Now my cell phone seems abnormally still. It's just a little black box doing nothing right now.

Well, today I found out my security clearance went through so I'm now preparing to leave for Egypt! I almost don't want to go. Which means that I almost just want to sit looking at the phone and stalking the mail box instead.


M. said...

I can't believe it's already happening!!!

There's still many weeks ahead, so don't despair. Don't count AL out so early, either.

Will you have easy internet access in Egypt?

I understand your hesitation to leave: "No, sorry; I can't go see the pyramids today, I have to check the P&W speakeasy for acceptances."

You're getting to go to *Egypt* which is really cool and with that you will have a few weeks freedom from obsessive blog checking which is practically the only thing I've been doing this week despite the fact I know it's still too early for my school to be notifying people.

One of the ways my anxiety over waiting has manifested itself is through excessive baking! Home made brownies, anyone?

M. said...

I meant schools, plural. :)

unsaid said...

LOL I'll take a brownie...or a dozen! I've been eating like crazy lol.

You are so's Egypt! I can't believe I'm actually having trouble being excited! That's terrible! It'll sink in soon, I'm sure.

I'm unsure about the internet access but I'm going to be in touch with my coordinator in the next few days and that is at the top of my list of questions lol.

The bad thing is being away from the phone. I'm leaving my cell phone in the states but I'm going to call and check my messages probably 5 times a day!

But you are right, I won't count Alabama out just yet.

Your comment helped a ton. Thanks!

M. said...

Guess what?

You've got nothing to worry about now, my friend!

Congratulations on your bama acceptance and happy celebrating!

M. said...

P.S. You need to amend the title of this post to read: "and then they called ME!"