Sunday, January 11, 2009

16/16- FINISHED!!!!


Can someone please tell me why Boise State's application was the worst of them all. The TA app required me to critique a student paper and suggest improvements and answer essay questions! I just wasn't in the mood but I got it done. I'm glad I got it done because I miscalculated their application deadline and today I realized their deadline is actually January 15. So I did end up getting all my apps done on time. One of my biggest motivators was the fact that my recommenders had taken the time to prepare 16 letters for me so I couldn't back out of applying to any schools (out of laziness) because I didn't want their letters to go to waste. Seriously, the last 4 applications I considered not doing just because I was tired of doing applications and I saved my lower ranked schools for last. only acceptance will come from one of those schools lol. Well, all I need is one yes. At least I've given myself 16 chances to hear it.

I plan to get back to submitting my poems for publication...even though I'm sick of looking at them. I'm interested in doing some character development for a short story or a screenplay or something. I don't know, I just know I'm feeling like creating a character. I think it was Claudia Emerson who previously wrote poetry books in different personas (I'm sure many others have done it but I heard her talk about it at a reading, I think). I think one was an old farmer or something. I plan to write about a drag queen. Different strokes for different folks, I guess lol. So I'll do this whole character thing and see if it ends up in poetry or prose. Who knows? At least I'm getting back to writing!

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