Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Short post at 2:26am to express the impossibility of getting MFA apps out during finals week while working 40 hours a week. My life hurts a little bit because of this. So now instead of getting them all done I'm doing it in tiers. I've got the ones out that were due by Dec 15-18 so I'm 4 for 16. I have to make a cross-country drive starting Saturday. So on or around Dec. 20th I'll finish the rest of my apps. I'm just disappointed because I want this over already. I hate school right now and my biggest issue is trying to get into schools...for more school. Thank goodness I won't start until the fall if they take me. I have my last final tomorrow and an essay due by Friday...then I have to load my car and drive 2300 miles before I can do my apps. Do you see? Do you see why I feel crazy!? Please just let me get them all done in time. That's all I ask.

All will be well when this is over.

On another note...I graduate on Monday. HUGE accomplishment that I promise to celebrate thoroughly once all of my apps are out.

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