Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MFA App Update

Okay, so I take the GRE on Friday. Here's my updated list and even in something like an order of preference:

University of Michigan
Univ. of Alabama
Southern Illinois, Carbondale
Virginia Tech
Florida State
Univ. of Florida
Boise State (for family)
Georgia State (for family)
Arizona State (for family)

So that's 17. The list is pretty final, ASU might fall off and maybe GSU...I don't know. It's not like my family is paying for the apps so I can be nearer to them! lol

Why do I keep having dreams where I get into schools that I don't even plan on applying to? Last night I dreamt that I got accepted to Oregon. No, Oregon is not on my list. It was at one point but Dorianne Laux leaving and the weather were the eliminating factors. This is the second dream I've had like that, I can't remember the other school. Crazy, huh? I suspect it will only get crazier. Luckily, I'll be in Egypt when acceptances/rejections start going out in the spring. I'm almost regretting taking that internship because I'll have to have my mother read me letters over the phone and field phone calls for me from the states. UGH! That's months away. For now, I just need to finish the GRE and finish the apps.

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