Monday, November 21, 2011

November Updates

Had a poem accepted by Cell Poems today! I like that a short poem found a great home. And I'm two poems away from my NEA goal! Gonna make it. Gonna do the extensive application lol.

Okay, Expecting Magic is also out to a few more places:

Elixer Press, Omnidawn (which I got a book from their catalog for entering. nice!), Perugia Press, University of North Texas Press, Yale Younger Poets, Crab Orchard Review, BOA Editions, and the Academy of American Poets/Walt Whitman award.

All I can do is my part, which is to put it out there. The rest is up to the screeners and judges.

Glad I could stop stalking submission managers long enough to finally update my blog.

Peace to your poems in the piles, poets!


Anonymous said...

Glad for the update. Good luck with you "magic." :-)

Dorothy Dora said...

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