Monday, November 21, 2011

November Updates

Had a poem accepted by Cell Poems today! I like that a short poem found a great home. And I'm two poems away from my NEA goal! Gonna make it. Gonna do the extensive application lol.

Okay, Expecting Magic is also out to a few more places:

Elixer Press, Omnidawn (which I got a book from their catalog for entering. nice!), Perugia Press, University of North Texas Press, Yale Younger Poets, Crab Orchard Review, BOA Editions, and the Academy of American Poets/Walt Whitman award.

All I can do is my part, which is to put it out there. The rest is up to the screeners and judges.

Glad I could stop stalking submission managers long enough to finally update my blog.

Peace to your poems in the piles, poets!

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evelynnalfred said...

Glad for the update. Good luck with you "magic." :-)