Sunday, September 11, 2011


Alright...I've been submitting. Not individual poems, but my manuscript to book contests.

I've had a new pub:

And I've got a new pub coming out in October I'm excited about. I'll link it here when it's time.

I've been writing consistently. Finished a few poems. Nothing I'm ready to send out, but it will come. I've been writing 750 words (the equivalent of 3 pages) daily on I'm in love with that site! You get fun little achievement awards and stuff. It's like playing a game with writing.
Teaching at Drake is going great. I teach 3 classes:

Reading & Writing Poetry (2 sections)
Slave Narratives: Past & Present

I'm in love with these courses. The students in my slave narratives course are all over that material! The discussions go great. It's the class that I was most unsure about since I hadn't taught it yet and things are going better than I anticipated with it.

Since this is a one-year appointment, I'm on the academic job market again. So, as always, my submissions continue!

Peace to your poems in the piles around the world!



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