Monday, May 17, 2010

First Year MFA: Done. New Submissions/Rejections

I'll do a wrap-up post on The MFA Chronicles. I just wanted to mention a few submissions I just did after tweeting with a bunch of people who were so motivated and submitted to Best New Poets (which UVA students can't submit to).

Tonight I submitted to: Diagram, The Boxcar Poetry Review, The Los Angeles Review, Sugar House Review, Caketrain, The Collagist,
Indiana Review, Linebreak

I was recently rejected by: Rattle, Ninth Letter, New York Quarterly. All form-letter rejections.

I'll admit that I was a little shaken by the rejections. But that only spurred me into revision and I'm much happier with the new batch I just sent out.

Gotta keep my poems out in the world!

More later...


Luke said...

Godspeed, poems!

Other places that might be worth a shot (and take online subs): storySouth, cream city review, American Poetry Journal, Tar River Poetry, Beloit Poetry Journal, Carolina Quarterly.

Jessie Carty said...

I can pretty much confirm rejection from almost all the same places :)

Anonymous said...

You know what I suspect, JayTee? I think it's almost human nature, accompanied by the sheer task of the reading process, but to a certain extent, rejection has a lot to do with whether the editor immediately knows who you are, or what the affiliations you mention in your cover letter are.

It's only natural, that given 1000 letters to read within a couple of weeks, you might begin to subconscious judge applicants before you've read their poem, and poetry is such a personal thing that a little bias against it may allow you to completely miss the point.

All this is to say that a rejection for anyone is so complicated a thing that you must do your best to remain unaffected.

Actually, if you'll email me, I have a story that you'll find of interest, given the nature of your blog...

bethany said...

good luck with your subs!

I am nursing wounds by Caketrain, AGNI, Redivider, Ninth Letter, Third Coast, Rattle, & Colorado Review. yikes!

joven said...

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JayTee said...

Thanks all!