Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beating June Deadlines

I got some more submissions out, trying to beat the June 1-15 deadlines. Submissions out to: Milk Money, MisFit, The Meadowland Review, Poemeleon, The Nashville Review, New Plains Review, storySouth.

There's a few print mag submits in there, so I'm happy about that.

Los Angeles Review gave me a quick no already lol.

Sending love to everyone's poems in the slush piles!


Jennifer said...

I just did a big round of submissions myself!

Vizionheiry said...

Please Please Please, write a detailed post about your submission process. From
-finding the listings to
-selecting your poems for each packet to
-sending them off.

Thank you in advance Ms. Cave Canem Fellow!

JayTee said...

Best wishes to your poems in the slush piles, Jennifer!

Will do, Vizionheiry!

TM said...

I admire how consistent and tenacious you are in your submission process. Picking potential homes for my poems and sending them off is still frustrating for me sometimes. I'm still learning to treat this part of poetry as business.

Congrats on Cave Canem! A part of me wishes I'd applied this year again (for the opportunity to have the first-year CC experience with some of my favorite fellow young writers who have been accepted), but I think my work needs more time/polishing/distance from my own criticism.

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