Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Vow

I vow that I will no longer worry/obsess/daydream/e-stalk plans for after the MFA until after I have completed the 1st year of my MFA program. For this entire 1st year, I will focus on my writing. I already know what I'm doing after the 1st year...a 2nd year, so now is the perfect time not to worry.

I truly believe in Order. I believe this Order dictates that if I focus on my writing as a craft, if I work hard, I will be in the perfect position for whatever my next step will be. I will know the next step when I see it.

So I'm done planning my life 2-3 years in advance, at least for one year. This is the gift that an MFA program has given me and I will take it.

Starting now.


bethany said...

Good plan! I think I just like stressing myself out with post-MFA plans, but really, I have no clue what's going to happen after I graduate. Congrats again on UVA! I hope you love it there!!

unsaid said...

Thanks bethany. I've been driving myself crazy, googling, trying to plan everything out. Ridiculousness. The only way I'll love any program is if I just relax!

I think you mentioned you'll be making the big move to B-town in May! That's just around the corner!