Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cave Canem Finalist!

Dear Retreat Applicant, Thank you for applying to the 2009 Cave Canem
retreat. I am writing to inform you that have been selected as one of 67
finalists. Due to an unprecedented number of applications this year—over
230—we’ve extended the evaluation period in order to give each submission the
careful consideration it deserves. We will notify you of the final outcome
by April 30, 2009, at which time 18 participants will be invited. We appreciate
your patience!

Getting closer on this one. Last year I was just rejected. This year I'm one of 67 finalists out of 230 applicants! Must everything I want to do have an "unprecendented" amount of applicants this year? Seriously poets, cut all that submitting and applying out. Focus strictly on craft or something. Forget the po' biz lol.

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