Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rejection: Michener

First official rejection via the website:

Your application has been given careful consideration by the committee on Graduate Studies. On the basis of their recommendation, your application has been denied. If you have questions, please write directly to the Committee in your major department.

Last night it was still under review, this morning, rejected.

Carrying on...


Reeze said...

Looks like you are getting a fair share of acceptances !! congrats! Just caught your blog off the MFA blog...I am just waiting to hear Anything from the 5 schools I applied to ...which program are you leaning towards?Good luck with the rest, it is mind numbing process!

unsaid said...

Hey Reeze- I hope you hear something soon. I'm leaning toward Indiana but that's just based off of info on the web. I'm remaining open as I really find out about schools and start visiting. Good luck to you!

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