Thursday, January 15, 2009

Submission: Waccamaw

The good thing about submitting to journals online is that I can read previous issues instead of just using a mission statement or submission guidelines to try to guess how I'd fit. So WOW. The writing in Waccamaw is so image rich! I really like this journal. So I sent 4 poems. We shall see.


M. said...

I'm impressed you're back on the submitting horse directly after completing the applications process. Besides my teaching job, I've been doing NOTHING related to writing which makes me feel miserable. The waiting has paralyzed me. I need to get on it. Your example has inspired me to submit some poems myself this weekend and to work on an old short story, instead of staring out the window thinking, "am I going to get in? ... What if I get in ______, or ________. What if I get in nowhere? What am I going to do? " I need to stop this.

On a brighter note, I've been working on remodeling my house in hopes that I'll have to sell it soon. :)

Good luck to you, as always. M.

P.S. My schools...

Washington University
Ohio State

My criteria: full funding, 2 year programs, good reputation with emphasis on the creative manuscript and teaching opportunities, reasonable cost of living, location.

I almost applied to John Hopkins and Virginia, too, but I decided to choose only one program with a $75 fee and slim chances. I decided on Cornell.

In a nutshell.

unsaid said...

Thanks for sharing your list, M.! Those are all great schools. I hope one of them makes you have to sell that house!

I can't wait until February! I want these notifications to start rolling in so I can know what's going on with my life!

Good luck with your submissions!