Friday, November 14, 2008

MFA App Update

It's coming along.

I submitted all of my transcripts from the 2 schools I attended undergrad. Nice chunk of change too. I'm mad at the schools that wanted 2 copies of official transcripts. They should repay me by accepting me and giving me a fellowship.

I'm waiting on my GRE scores, then those will go out too.

I have to fill out and pay for online apps. Yes, I am only working to support my application habit.

2 out of 3 recommenders will have my letters done by Monday.

My writing sample is finished.

I need to write up a personal statement.

I need to come up with a teaching philosophy for some TA apps.

I'd love to be able to use Thanksgiving weekend to finish everything up and that's looking like a possibility. I am a highly disorganized person but this is going so well! Could be the 2 years of research and preparation. It's going to feel so good to finish the apps and know that I've done my part. That's what I love about anything--knowing I did what I could do and the rest is up to someone else. Well, that's a little unsettling but yeah...whatever lol. We'll see how I sound around February when I'm waiting for responses. My stomach just turned.

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