Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Swapping Titles

So I talked to a girl I really like from my poetry workshop last semester and she suggested we do a title swap. So she emailed me 2 titles for poems and I emailed her 2 and then we each emailed this other guy 1 so he has 2. We'll write for 2 weeks then get together and workshop. Things like this make me say I LOVE MY LIFE. That's the type of life I want, with these type of people in it, doing these types of things.

More please...

God, I'm greedy. And yes, I was actually speaking directly to God.

Oh...the titles she sent me?

Climbing Infant
File Folder

I'm already discarding the obvious images that come to mind so who knows where I'll go with these. I'm excited though!

We shall see!

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