Sunday, February 24, 2008


Her daughters
wrapped their arms
around a melody first,
cradled the song
against the softness
of their breasts,
blankwordsforspac like a child
infused the harmony
with the rhythm
of their heartbeats,
nurtured a verse
into existence
like a newborn child,
blankwordsforspacbeaten and wailing
then ripped that song open
on its way past tongue and teeth,
exposed its truth in the open air,
so only the blood
of the music was left
dripping in affected ears.
blankwordsforspacwet and wriggling
Too many of her daughters
injected, snorted, or swallowed
a new truth for themselves
blankwordsforspachoping to return
and for their children; almost all of them,
now, as silent as shadows trembling
under tapping toes
blankwordsforspacto mother's gentle darkness
struggling to keep time.


Vizionheiry said...

The revision makes this poem glow - stand apart!

evelyn.n.alfred said...

It's nice that you let us in on your revision process.

P.S. How did you get blogger to allow you to add spaces between your words? Any time I push the spacebar a few times to show a gap, when I publish it, the words are still next to each other.