Saturday, February 23, 2008


I am obsessed with acceptance. I am on the lookout for anywhere that will say "YES!" to even one of my poems. I have some pieces that have been submitted for over a month and I'm ready for some word!

I am obsessed with mfa acceptances/rejections. I'm not even eligible to apply to MFAs until the end of this year! LOL I like going to message boards and blogs and reading about how the applicants are feeling. There are some posters who are more vocal whom I can't wait to see if they get into the programs they want.

I am obsessed with poet's blogs. Seriously I spend hours on the internet just reading the blogs of poets who are trying to do the same things that I am doing.

I'm obsessed with this line from Major Jackson's "Urban Renewal iii": "You are almost invisible in all this plain decay." Last night I memorized the entire poem because of that one line. I decided that when anxiety tries to get the best of me, I am going to focus my attention on memorizing a poem. It worked last night. Next I plan on memorizing Claudia Emerson's "Artifact".

I've decided to make this my actual blog instead of just a submission thing. I'll still track my submissions but I'll let loose about other things here too.

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evelyn.n.alfred said...

I'm slowly turning into you, as far as reading other poets blogs, is concerned.

I won't start the application process for MFA's for at least another year. Not currently being in school and having professors who could accurately give me recommendations is an issue.

I hope that taking workshops will help resolve it.