Sunday, November 25, 2007

The universe responds

So of course I haven't heard anything about my recent submissions poetry professor decided to go over the mechanics of making submissions in class last week...just out of the blue. So I felt like my urge to submit was confirmed in a way by spontaneously receiving some pointers. I mentioned what I've been sending as a cover letter and she said it was nice and brief. She said don't mention you're a student and don't go into an explanation of the pieces.

She said that sometimes if you don't have other publications to mention in the letter, the editor may assume that you are someone they should already just know. Like I'm sure Billy Collins doesn't submit his poetry with a list of publications. I don't think she was serious, but it was a nice thought to squelch that fear of not having previous publications to mention. I have a feeling some are coming my way though :)

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